Babi Brasileiro

Karin Eckerdal

Lukasz Geratowski

Joosung Kang

Soohyun Kim

Joona Leppänen

Robert Lönnqvist

Marko Mrkobrad

Bee Österman

Parvati Pillai

Miia Puustinen

Tiia Reijonen

Sourya Sen

Armi Teva

Taina Tirkkonen

Oona Viskari

Xinran Wang

Miila Westin

Samar Zureik

Well, you found the forward. In a backwards place. Welcome to the world of Lost & Found. When we started our programme in Visual Narrative this year, I reached into the box of applications, and pulled out a illustrated scarf, a designer mitten, two left media arts shoes, a graphic necktie and an animated broken umbrella. Looking at the jumble of bizarre ill-fitting orphans before me, I couldn’t have imagined that they would come together in such a strange and magnificent way. Is this the beginning of the story, or some missing middle?

Zach Dodson

Professor (Design Practices)

Head of Visual Communication Design

Opening party 7pm Friday, May 12

DJ Mia Kemppainen


Visual Narrative,

Master of Arts,

Visual Communication

Design, Department of

Media, Aalto University


Spring Exhibition

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